The easing of the self-restraint request on Kozushima Island (19st of June 2020 onwards)

After a state of emergency was declared on 7th of April 2020, Kozushima Island Village has requested that people refrain from visiting the island.

We have truly appreciated your cooperation. We are also glad to announce that we have had no confirmed case of COVID-19 on the island so far.

On 25th of May, the state of emergency was lifted in Japan.

Subsequently, we'd like to open up and welcome visitors like before. However, we have to remain vigilant and continue to lower the risk of infection for islanders.

Therefore, we're going to ease the self-restraint request in stages.

As of 1st of June, we'd like to welcome visitors with the conditions below.

We are happy to hear that many people wish to visit our island seeking its natural beauty in these stressful times. However, the more visitors that come, the more anxiety islanders will feel, so please understand and follow these conditions.

Furthermore, please be aware that the health service on the island isn't able to cope with any sizable outbreak of COVID-19, whether that be with patients who have tested positive or simply those with symptoms.

【Effective Date】

19th of June 2020: Easing the self-restraint request on visiting Kozushima Island

【Conditions for visitors】

1 Accommodation has to be booked in advance and confirmed. You will not be able to find lodgings on the day of arrival.

2  Make sure that you haven't exhibited any symptoms (fever, fatigue, no sense of taste, nor smell etc.) for at least two weeks prior to departure.

3 We request that groups refrain from coming to the island until further notice.

4 Please strictly adhere to the following guidelines:

・Always wash your hands thoroughly and use hand sanitizer often. Make sure to wear a mask in public. Maintain social distancing and avoid enclosed spaces. Do not form crowds.

・On Kozushima Island, campsites are closed at present, and sleeping outside is prohibited by bylaw. Regulations and rules of the village have to be followed strictly.

・Bear in mind the vulnerability of the island's health service.

【Status of touristic facilities】

・Kozushima Hot Spring Recreation Center (including restaurant): Reopened on 1st of June with restrictions on the number of visitors.


・Yocchare Center: Open, but with restrictions on the number of visitors.

・Tako Bay Park Family Campsite: Closed until further notice.

*Upon easing the self-restraint request on visiting Kozushima Island, Kozushima Island village office issued guidelines for accommodation owners. Some accommodations are closed till they are ready & able to observe these guidelines. That might make it difficult to reserve accommodation on the island at present. We are sorry to cause you trouble, but we hope that you understand the situation.

As future developments unfold, there is always the possibility that the self-restraint request may have to be re-implemented. Please check our website regularly for the latest on this matter.

Kozushima Island village


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